Who doesn’t love going to a spa? Even just a few hours of relaxation and pampering can leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. Spa retreats offer an opportunity (or excuse!) to take time out from our busy lives. Unfortunately for those on a budget, they don’t come cheap.

The good news is that you can have a great spa experience in your very own home. Remember, one of the main benefits of a spa retreat is the opportunity to relax, switch off from the chaos of day-to-day life and just focus on yourself. And you don’t have to travel to an expensive salon to do that.

We’ve come up with eleven ideas to help you transform your everyday bathroom into one fit for a spa retreat. So every day can be a spa day.

1. Decorate in soothing, earthy tones

Choose colors inspired by nature, such as shades of brown, light gray or green. Bright colors stimulate the senses – not what you want if you’re trying to unwind after a long day.

2. Create ambiance with lighting

Soft lighting is a must. If you’re doing a full refit of your bathroom it’s worth considering wall sconces or recessed ceiling lights with dimmable controls. If you’ve got an existing light fitting then you may be able to add a dimmer switch to tone down the light.

Alternatively, turn off the lights and use candles or oil burners to create a warm, natural glow.

3. Bring in natural materials

Natural materials such as wood and stone are perfect for a bathroom spa. Recreate the Scandinavian sauna feel with wooden bath mats – perfect for keeping your feet off a cold tiled floor.

4. Declutter your bathroom

One thing you’ll never see in a spa is rolled-up toothpaste. Hide your bottles and tubes away in a concealed drawer or storage unit to leave surfaces clean. If you’ve got a small bathroom, these cute wicker baskets look good and will hide away your bathroom clutter.

5. Invest in a deep soaking tub

Short on space in your bathroom or struggling to decide between having a tub or a shower? You can have both. Many manufacturers now make short tubs that are deep enough to have a good soak in, but don’t take up as much space as a traditional tub.

If you’re after the full spa experience, then a whirlpool tub is a must. A bath spa will create a similar effect for a fraction of the price if you’re longing for bubbles but don’t want to replace your tub.

For the ultimate in spa luxury, invest in a traditional Japanese soaking tub. These are much deeper than a standard tub, allowing you to submerge yourself up to your neck and soak ever part of your body.

6. Put your bathroom products on display

One alternative to decluttering is to make your bathroom products part of your décor. This works particularly well with homemade bath salts or moisturizer, but you could put cotton balls or Q-tips on display in glass jars. Rather than having branded bottles of shampoo and conditioner, decant them into plain or decorative pump bottles.

7. Buy some fluffy bathrobes and slippers

Think about textures when creating your spa retreat. There’s nothing like the feeling of a soft towel on your freshly scrubbed skin. A luxury bathrobe and pair of warm slippers will help complete the spa experience, even when you step outside the bathroom.

8. Build a towel warmer into your bathroom

Towel-warming drawers are becoming a popular addition to contemporary bathrooms. Store your rolled up towels in the drawer and you’ll always have a warm towel to hand when you step out of the shower.

Not got space for a large drawer? A wall-mounted heater towel rail is a great option for smaller bathrooms (and easier on your wallet).

9. Add some relaxing aromas

Smell is perhaps the most evocative of our senses and aromatherapy oils or scented candles will set the right mood for your spa retreat. Choose refreshing eucalyptus or peppermint to wake you up in the morning, and soothing lavender to help you sleep at night.

10. Play relaxing music

Block out any background noise with natural meditation music. Download a playlist onto your phone and connect it to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to avoid dropping your phone in the water. Just make sure you turn the alert tone on your phone off to avoid any unexpected disturbances.

11. The finishing touches

A glass of wine or champagne and a good book complete the spa experience. A beautiful wooden bath caddy will help keep them safe and dry while you soak in the tub.