page2-img1Although SEED was officially launched in 2008, the real story of the builder dates back over 30 years. The son and brother of renowned builders, Vic Puri has been immersed in the construction world his entire life. His father, Prem Puri, began building single family homes in Virginia in 1983. Since then, Prem has built over 1,000 single family homes in the area and raised three children who now own their own successful building companies – Classic Homes of Maryland, The ANV Construction Group and SEED. Prem still continues to build high quality homes, only now donating 100% of the profits to charitable causes.

With a background of engineering and sustainable design coupled with the support of a family of experts in construction, Vic and his wife Raya launched SEED in 2008. Their mission for SEED was to set a new standard in construction by building homes that exceed county building codes and rethink conventional building practices. This means crafting smartly designed, durable homes that are healthier to live in and more efficient to operate.  Now, SEED has offices in Virgnia, Maryland and New York City, projects completed throughout the Northeast and LEED certifications at all levels.  SEED’s ethos and design philosophy has proven to be effective and highly attractive to more and more home buyers, and the company’s growth shows no sign of slowing.

Working closely with experienced builders, innovative architects, sustainable building professionals and the best contractors in the area, SEED is not your traditional construction company. The cutting edge SEED homes being built today are a testament to that unique composition. The team at SEED is proud to introduce a new line of models for 2016 and beyond, designed for 21st century living, built with the highest quality and care, incorporating durable building materials and easy-to-use, practical high tech features.

Many thanks to our sister companies, Classic Homes of Maryland and the ANV Construction Group, that helped launch SEED and have supported our goal for sustainable, energy-efficient designed homes.