Find out how much you can spend for lot, site work and construction. Obtain a pre-approval letter from our preferred lender or yours. Contact one of our preferred agents to help you find a property. If you have a home design or model in mind, ensure the home can be built on that particular property, will meet the zoning requirements, and all potential site and permitting expenses are estimated. Keep in mind that you may be able to wrap all expenses (lot, site work, home construction) into one loan. Contact a financial adviser for more information.


Half the battle is over, you have a lot! Whether you want to tear down an existing home and build new, or you own a property on which you want to build a new home, one of the toughest aspects of building your new home is over.


Because each lot is different and counties have different permitting expenses, SEED does not include site work and permitting fees in the build price. Pricing items to consider include grading plans, tear down of existing homes, utility connections, dirt removal, county permitting fees and driveways and landscaping. Site work, permitting and utility expenses vary widely by lot, but average site work expenses run between $75-100k. Do not be intimidated by the work involved, SEED will help estimate and manage this process for you!

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Contact us to get a more precise estimate of the home you’d like to build. SEED can turn around a detailed quote and estimate quickly so you will be armed with all the information needed to estimate your project costs. Secure your financing to get started!

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For custom projects, SEED requires a signed contract and initial design deposit before finalizing the home exterior and final floor plan (although draft floor plans may be included in initial estimate). This allows our architects and designers to fully develop your home plans without reservation. You will still have the option to void the contract if we do not design a home to your liking, only the architectural fees would be forfeited (although that has yet to happen!). Once the exterior elevation and floor plans are approved, SEED begins to prepare the full architectural and structural plans for county approval.

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The final step for you the homeowner is to make finish end selections. This includes items like countertops, flooring and tile. Selections are made while the county plans are being prepared and reviewed, and are finished before construction starts. Once selections are done, your job is done. All you have to do next is sit back and relax, we will take it from there!

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