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The Oasis: A Stunning Contemporary High Performance Home

Set on a beautiful wooded lot, the Oasis is a vision of a contemporary, high performance home. Designed to blend in with the natural landscape, the contemporary design hides a wonderfully light, elegant interior.

Come have a look inside our newest home – what you see may just surprise you.

Bespoke, contemporary design
As you […]

5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Minimalist Paradise

Minimalism is one of the hottest trends in recent years across all areas of design. But embracing minimalism is more about a philosophy of life than a design style. It’s a lifestyle choice; a decision to abandon clutter in favor of space.

When it comes to interior design, there’s a lot of overlap between minimalist and […]

How to Create An Elegant Finish for Your Contemporary Home

Many clients come to us requesting a contemporary, high performance home. While the design and construction of a house are hugely important, it’s the interior design that really transforms a house into a home. We take huge care over these final details to create a high quality, contemporary finish.

While most interior design styles refer to […]

Why Broken-Plan Living Will Improve Your Life

For years, contemporary home design has been characterized by open-plan living spaces. But the tide may be turning. Perhaps it’s that our homes are having to fulfill more functions than ever before. That more of us are working from home and families are increasingly becoming more complex. Or simply that we’re expecting our homes to […]

How to Create a Perfect Indoor/outdoor Living Space

Whatever your style, there may be one trick you’re missing when it comes to designing your perfect contemporary home. Most people think about indoor and outdoor spaces – and how they will use them – separately. But by linking the two you can add a unique dimension to your home and make you feel closer […]

6 Claddings and Sidings That Will Help Your Home Age Beautifully

Your choice of cladding or siding will define the look and feel of your new home. Think of it like this: if you had to pick one outfit to wear for the next thirty years, what clothes would you choose?

I’m pretty sure that everyone’s choice would be slightly different. And the same is true of […]

The Oasis: Designing a Unique Home to Last for Generations

In this set of posts, we take you through the process of designing and building a modern, contemporary home. Throughout the series, we’ll be providing tips and advice on how to work with your design and build team to create your custom dream home.

First up is an interview with Vic Puri, SEED owner and chief […]

8 Innovative Ways to Exploit Daylight in Your Home

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of your dream home? Perhaps it’s the sleek, elegant design, a soaring atrium, or daylight flooding in from a vast expanse of glass.

There’s nothing like waking up to sunlight streaming through the window, or lazing in the soft rays of the evening sun. Natural light […]

How to Design Your Contemporary Home for Life

Designing and building your own home can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You don’t want to get it wrong, but there’s so much to consider it can sometimes be overwhelming. How do I translate the picture in my head into a physical house? What if it turns out wrong? And what if my idea of my […]