Create an elegant finish for your new contemporary home

Many clients come to us requesting a contemporary, high performance home. While the design and construction of a house are hugely important, it’s the interior design that really transforms a house into a home. We take huge care over these final details to create a high quality, contemporary finish.

While most interior design styles refer to a specific period in time, contemporary design is based in the here and now. This means trends are constantly shifting and changing. What’s ‘contemporary’ now may be very different to what’s defined as contemporary in ten years’ time.

For that reason, contemporary design can be very eclectic in nature, borrowing from different styles and periods. However, there are three key values which contemporary design holds dear: simplicity, comfort, and sustainability.

Contemporary design reflects our desire to have the best of both worlds. To bring nature in through the use of natural materials, but retain a modern look. To create something that is both elegant and comfortable.

Bearing that in mind, here are some tips for creating an elegant, contemporary finish for your home.

Become more minimalist

A core element of contemporary design is simplicity. Think clean lines, smooth surfaces and an absence of decorative detail. And while you don’t need to go extremes of minimalism in reducing your possessions, make sure you have sufficient storage to hide them away.

But simplicity doesn’t mean barren. Choose your decorations with care and go for one or two focal pieces rather than cluttering walls and tables with lots of pictures and trinkets.

Keep the same principles in mind when designing kitchens and bathrooms. Handleless units create a sleek, streamlined effect which should be complemented with a minimum of fixtures and fittings.

Use high quality, natural materials


From gleaming hardwood floors to stunning marble worktops, natural materials are essential to achieving an elegant finish. But contemporary design also embraces industrial materials such as steel, glass, and concrete.

Particularly in kitchens, this combination of natural and industrial materials can be used to stunning effect. In this North Arlington home, a stainless steel range and hood are combined with granite worktops and a light hardwood floor to create an elegant contemporary kitchen.

Add personality with splashes of color


Contemporary design tends to favor a neutral color palette, with the texture and mix of materials providing decorative interest. Choose shades of cream, brown, gray or white as the backdrop for your design features.

If this feels a bit dull and boring for you, brighten things up by picking one or two stand-out accent colors. These could be taken from a striking piece of artwork in the room or just be your favorite color!

Hide technology


When creating your contemporary home think about what home technologies you want built in. In this era of wireless communications, the need for unsightly cables and switches is all but done away with. With devices such as the Amazon Echo, if you want to turn the lights on or the heating up, all you have to do is ask.

Create storage solutions to hide televisions, gaming devices, and computers when not in use, and when it comes to having kitchen gadgets out on show, remember less is more.

Let light in

Contemporary living space with window wall

Window walls can flood your home with natural light

Sunlight and rich textures create warm, inviting spaces. Think about how you can maximize the amount of natural light in your home, particularly in enclosed interior spaces.

An open plan layout is characteristic of contemporary design, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Your home should reflect your lifestyle. Depending on your family situation, a broken-plan layout may allow for separation of spaces while retaining a light, airy contemporary feel.

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