Will 2017 be the year you bite the bullet and build your perfect home? Many people dream of designing and building their own home, but few actually achieve their goal. Why? Because it can be a stressful, and – if things go wrong – a financially crippling experience.

But don’t let that put you off! With the right team on board, home-building doesn’t have to be a nightmare experience. And it may not cost you as much as you think to create your dream home.

As a general contractor, we work closely with experienced architects, builders, and contractors to design and build a home to your budget. So you can enjoy the fun parts of creating your dream home without the stress.

All it takes is four simple steps:

Step 1: Find Your Lot

If you already have a lot, great! Half your work is done. If you need to find a home for your home, then this is the main challenge you’ll need to tackle. Check out our tips on how to find your perfect lot, wherever you’re looking to live.

Once you have your lot then you’ll need to set aside a budget for site works to prepare the lot for your new home. The cost for this will vary depending on the characteristics of your lot and the permitting fees in your county.

For example, if you buy a developed lot you may pay a bit more for it, but you’ll have less site development work to do. If you’re building on undeveloped land then there may be a lot of landscaping and utility works to carry out.

As a very rough guide, average work expenses are likely to set you back $75-100k. There’s a more detailed checklist you can work through here, and we can help you work out an accurate estimate for your lot.

Step 2: Finance and Estimate

Now you’ve got your lot it’s time to pick your house. If you like the look of one of our SEED Models then we can give you a detailed quote and estimate very quickly. We also love working on custom designs, so if you have your own plans or ideas for your home just let us know.

For most people, building their own home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s worth spending some time at this stage thinking about how you can design your home to accommodate changes to your family and circumstances in the future.

Step 3: Sign and Design

This is when it starts getting exciting! Once the contract is signed and we’ve taken a deposit, we’ll get on with the detailed design work. We’ll agree the home exterior finish and final floor plan with you and prepare the full structural and architectural plans for county approval.

If you’re after a custom design, then we will take a design deposit before we finalize the exterior and detailed floor plans to cover our architect and designer fees. If you don’t like the finished design, you don’t have to go ahead with the build (though this has yet to happen!).

We believe in using durable materials throughout the construction of our homes to reduce maintenance. A SEED home is built to last. Of course, the choice of material and color is up to you and will depend on the style of home you want. Here are some ideas on the options available for the exterior of your home.

Step 4: Personalize Your Home

The final decisions for you to make are around the interior decor. This includes items such as flooring, tiling, fixtures and fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms, and paint colors. We’ll work with you to create the perfect finish for your home, whether you’re after a traditional look or something more contemporary.

You’ll have some time while the county plans are being prepared and reviewed to think about this. Of course, we’ll be on hand to help, but if you’re after a bit of inspiration, check out these sites:

Ready to get started?

If you’re looking to build a home in the DC area, Virginia or Maryland we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to talk through your ideas for your dream home.