What Is a High Performance Home?

‘High performance homes’ is a term that’s bandied around a lot. We’ve found that many people don’t really understand exactly what it means or the benefits of owning a high performance home until they’ve lived in one. So what really is a high performance home and what do you need to think about when building […]

How to Create a Perfect Indoor/outdoor Living Space

Whatever your style, there may be one trick you’re missing when it comes to designing your perfect contemporary home. Most people think about indoor and outdoor spaces – and how they will use them – separately. But by linking the two you can add a unique dimension to your home and make you feel closer […]

The Top Energy Leeches Hiding in Your Home

They sit there innocently day after day. Storing your food, washing your clothes and keeping you entertained. All the time they’re sucking at your power supply, drawing precious energy whilst your monthly bill ticks ever higher.

The average U.S. household uses almost 11,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, the majority of which is used for heating […]

How to Construct a High Performance Home

Here at SEED, we’re passionate about high performance homes. In fact, we live, breathe, design and build them. We love nothing more than getting feedback from clients who are amazed at how their new home exceeds all the expectations and notions they had of what a high performance home could be.

So what does it take […]

What You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Lot

What do you need before you can build your dream home? Why a home for your home of course. Finding a lot that’s right for you and the home you have in mind is not as easy as it sounds, and mistakes could end up very costly.

So what could go wrong? Well, worst case scenario […]

6 Claddings and Sidings That Will Help Your Home Age Beautifully

Your choice of cladding or siding will define the look and feel of your new home. Think of it like this: if you had to pick one outfit to wear for the next thirty years, what clothes would you choose?

I’m pretty sure that everyone’s choice would be slightly different. And the same is true of […]

How to Design Your Perfect Home Office

For many people, working from home is a perfect arrangement. No commute. No cold drafts from the uncontrollable air-conditioning blowing down your neck. The freedom to design your home office exactly the way you want it.

However, there can be downsides to working at home and these typically fall into one of two opposing camps: lack […]

The Oasis: Designing a Unique Home to Last for Generations

In this set of posts, we take you through the process of designing and building a modern, contemporary home. Throughout the series, we’ll be providing tips and advice on how to work with your design and build team to create your custom dream home.

First up is an interview with Vic Puri, SEED owner and chief […]

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Solar for Your Home

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are an increasingly common sight on the roofs of homes across the U.S. Solar energy has moved from a niche interest to a mainstream method of electricity generation, largely due to federal and state subsidies. But these incentives may not be around for much longer. If you’re considering investing in solar for […]

How to Make Sure Your Home Is Good for Your Health

Our homes are our refuge from the outside world. They’re the one place where we should always feel safe and relaxed. But there is increasing concern about how healthy our homes actually are. In some cases we’re only just realizing that many of the products we use to build and furnish our homes may have […]